Why is media taking notice of CoolSculpting?

          Fat burning methods have been touted as quick, effective ways to lose unwanted fat, but there’s a newer method that has been getting a lot of attention from press. This non-invasive method called CoolSculpting involves freezing fat cells in order to destroy them. You might have seen CoolSculpting in the news. This innovative technique has been featured on several TV shows, including The Doctors, E!News, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America. CoolSculpting has also been covered in prominent magazines, such as GQ, Elle Vogue, Shape, and Men’s Health. Why are people in the media taking notice of CoolSculpting? Both doctors and patients love it. Doctors prefer to avoid risky, invasive procedures. CoolSculpting has no piercing, cutting, no injections involved. Why should patients choose CoolSculpting vs. liposuction? Unlike liposuction or other surgeries, CoolSculpting isn’t painful and doesn’t leave you with lingering soreness (there’s just a little tingling…

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