Skintyte is an advanced laser treatment option for sagging skin. It is available through specific high-tech laser platforms, such as JOULE. It works by stimulating and reversing the processes that cause loose skin.

Using Skintyte

Why Can Skin Become Loose?

The tightness in skin is causes by a protein called collagen. Collagen molecules link with each other to form chains and lattices under the skin, creating a tight elastic underwear. However, collagen lattices can be deformed in a number of ways, decreasing its ability to pull skin taught.

Most commonly, UV radiation from the sun deforms collagen molecules, causing chains to bend and snap. The aging process also weakens them, as new cells fail to replace collagen laid down by younger cells. Certain medications and drugs, like nicotine, constrict the flow of nutrients to the extracellular matrix that feeds collagen chains, causing links in the chain to die. Over time, everyone’s collagen breaks down.

A problem with broken chains is that the body still sees them as mostly intact. Instead of laying new chains, the body allows the chains to bunch up, leading to overall loose skin.

How Laser Fix Skin

Laser treatments involve deep-penetrating heat, warming the extracellular matrix that holds collagen chains. This heat un-bunches and disconnects collagen chains. This triggers the body to build entirely new chains using the freed collagen molecules. The healing process creates a brand new youthful collagen lattice, just like you had when you were a baby. The lattice pulls the skin taut again and lasts as long as it is protected from the sun and nicotine.

The Skintyte Difference

Early laser treatments for skin were not precise enough. Though the laser heated the lower layers of the skin, it also hurt the upper layers. This caused surface damage and pain, often leading to bandaging and a lengthy recovery process.

Skintyte prevents this by using a sapphire cooling tip to instantly cool the contact surface. Skintyte has no recovery time, and a much lower risk of causing acne or other negative side effects.

Additionally, Skintyte uses a magnetic adaptor system to easily target small areas, like sagging cheeks or middle stomach skin. It is uniquely comfortable and adaptable, making your treatment perform exactly the enhancement that you want.