As with most cosmetic enhancements, the answer to whether chemical peels are safe for your skin is: yes, mostly. There are risks to your skin, but these risks are extremely low when you visit a trained dermatologist

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Mechanism

Strictly speaking, chemical peels do damage skin. However, they only damage the dying and aging upper layers, giving the young and beautiful lower layers a chance to grow. Done correctly, it will cause no permanent damage to the underlying structure of your skin.

A chemical peel feels like a sunburn, and has similar initial effects. Despite this, it is much safer than a sunburn as it does not denature proteins in your cells.

Side Effect and Risk Profile

For several days after your peel, your dry upper skin will flake off. You may need bandages to protect the more sensitive areas. This is all to be expected and will be better after five days at the most.

Certain side effects are possible with skin types. For example, if you have a family history of brownish discoloration in skin, a chemical peel might bring that out. If you take birth control pills, your pigmentation will also be more in flux, and could get blotchy. Among people who become discolored after a chemical peel, a small percentage experience permanent effects.

A more minor problem is an acne breakout. This is rare, especially with a qualified dermatologist in Canada. This is caused because the chemicals impact your lower pores and hair follicles. The irritation of the pores can lead to infections. By following your doctor’s recommendations, keeping the affected area clean, and using sterile bandages, you can greatly decrease the odds of a breakout.

Worst Case Scenarios

The worst case is that parts of the collagen lattice below the skin will become damaged, and will heal in a way that causes scars. This can lead to wide bumpy scars. Though bad, this is extremely rare. Far less than 1% of people experience any scarring at all, and when you visit a professional like those at the Centre for Dermatology, those changes are even smaller.

Best Case Scenarios

Most people take very well to chemical peels. For most, a chemical peel will cause about two to three days of discomfort and six months to a year of enhancement. For more information, contact our team today!