Aging affects us all, and in certain parts of our bodies more than others.

Hand Rejuvenation

As a quick thought experiment, think about areas of your body that show the signs of aging more than others. Odds are, when asked this question one particular area came to mind – your face, and probably also your neck. And this is true; our faces are both our windows to the world and also a section of our bodies that can begin to show the telltale signs of aging, such as wrinkles and skin spots.

However there’s another part of the body that also can dramatically show the signs of age, and it’s one that not many people actively think about when considering how to stay youthful-looking and healthy: Your hands.

Signs of hand aging are easy to recall – wrinkles, unsightly varicose veins, the skin becoming shrunken and think, and also age spots. As a result, hand rejuvenation treatments have become an increasingly popular form of cosmetic improvement.

So what can hand rejuvenation do for you? Simply put, it can roll back the effects of time just like cosmetic facial rejuvenation does. As a result, the skin on your hands will become much smoother and fuller in appearance, while any prominent veins will be minimized.

Cosmetic improvements can be done to your hands using many of the same techniques as facial cosmetic rejuvenation. Chemical peels can restore life and vibrancy to your pigmentation and the texture of your skin.

Fillers such as Radiesse will make the backs of your hands more natural-looking and vibrant, with better volume than before – and help mask any prominent veins or tendons, as it actually builds out and thickens your skin.

Age or liver spots can be greatly reduced through the use of a laser treatment that breaks up the unwanted pigment.

And the surface of your hand skin can be beautifully and naturally restored through the use of a SilkPeel microdermabrasion treatment that will literally wipe away the worn, aged surface layer of skin on your hands, and stimulate the production of health new collagen that will reduce the signs of aging on your hands by years and years.

If this sounds like a problem you’ve been looking to solve and you’re curious in learning how to restore life and vitality to the skin on your hands, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about beauty-restoring hand rejuvenation treatments.