Cosmetic procedures tailored to treating skin conditions have evolved significantly with new, innovative technologies being used by surgeons every year. Broadband Light (BBL) utilizes dual-flash lamps, both of which work in tandem to provide the necessary energy supply, that work to get rid of various ailments.

Treating Skin With BBL

BroadBand Light Technology: A New Method for Ousting Unsightly Skin Conditions
The secret to BBL lies in its power to produce a far-reaching range of light wavelengths. This gives surgeons the ability to fine tune and adjust the intensity of the beam for custom-targeted treatment.
Pinpoint precision is essential in the field of cosmetic surgery, so it is hardly a surprise that BBL is now being added to the arsenal of many doctors across the country. In addition to the use of dual lamps, the availability of flexible Finesse Adapters make it very easy for doctors to treat otherwise hard-to-reach regions, something that was once a hassle, and impossible in some cases.
If you have fine lines and wrinkles, tissue scarring (from acne and other), dilated veins, sun damage, and age spots, BBL may be the best cosmetic option at your disposal. By utilizing the special properties of light energy, this type of treatment tends to be far more effective than current alternatives.
The success rate of permanent results is perhaps the main reason an increasing number of doctors are recommending it to their patients, especially for conditions such as small facial veins, rosacea, freckles, red spots, port wine stains, burn erythema, and even unsightly, dark coarse hair.
Another distinct advantage of BBL is that its applications are not restricted to the facial region; every area of the body can be treated, but the vast majority of procedures target spots where visible sun damage exists.
The chest, face, neck and top sides of the hands are thus the most popular zones, but your doctor will determine where to apply the light waves during the initial consultation. Like similar non-invasive procedures, the recovery time for BBL tends to be quite quick.
Notwithstanding any potential complications that may arise (this is uncommon), most patients are able to resume their normal, day-to-day activities the day after their procedure, with the most common side effects consisting of slight redness at the treatment site. Expect a minor amount of skin fading and flaking for up to 10 days post-procedure as well.
If you’re looking for the same results that BBL can provide, talk to the experts at our clinic today! We can determine which treatment is right for your skin tone and can help you obtain the perfect skin you desire.