These days, all it takes to eradicate skin blemishes and restore the appearance one donned during their youthful years is a quick trip to a cosmetic surgeon. One treatment that has been heralded as the ultimate fix for all things facial rejuvenation is Botox.

Ensuring Safe Botox Use

Having been available to the public now for decades; it is far from being considered out of the ordinary for men and women to schedule an appointment for an injection. On the surface, the concept of inserting a toxin into one’s body seems dangerous, but every study on the subject has concluded that when administered by a professional and used in regular doses, it’s far from it.

Being Safe with Botox

However, despite being known for its nerve-killing effects, Botolinum (the primary chemical toxin used in Botox) only goes so far as to paralyze the muscles located directly at the injection site; no more, no less.

By ceasing all communication between the corresponding nerve endings and central nervous system, this in effect eliminates the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, those so-called subtle imperfections that most people simply cannot stand to look at in the mirror. The results of the treatment are often noticed immediately, although they are not permanent nature.

The Importance of Visiting a Reputable Clinic
Follow-up injections are required every few months in order to maintain your desired results. This is why it’s crucial for patients to work only with a qualified and experienced cosmetic team, one who has performed many successful treatments and who knows how to safely and accurately inject Botox. As per the latter, an obvious predicament is one that would result from an excessive application of Botolinum.

Too high of a concentration of the toxin understandably poses some notable risks, namely an issue commonly referred to in the medical field as “frozen face.” Since the primary purpose of Botox is to neutralize muscle nerve contraction, too much can lead to complete ceasing of the face, making it appear unnatural and fake, the definition of the plastic look.

While some doctors and patients actually delight in these results, it’s often caused by an inexperienced hand and inappropriate administration. Proper care should especially be taken when the goal is to reduce wrinkles; cosmetic surgeons must aim to soften only those facial expressions which are considered negative, such as crow’s feet and frowns.

It’s extremely infrequent for patients to experience negative side effects. Contact our team today to hear more about how Botox can help mask your fine lines and wrinkles!