Not just used for stretching flabby skin taut and making people look younger than they are; there are many hidden uses of Botox that you are probably unaware of.

Botox Injection

These injection treatments have been around for decades, and the number of patients who have undergone the products’ application continues to boom. For all good reasons of course, namely the fact that Botox is a quick and easy method for shaving years of one’s appearance.
Wrinkle reduction is not the only thing Botox is good for, however, as botulinum Toxic A, the toxin responsible for killing the nerves that cause the formation of these unsightly nerves, also has some notable and positive side effects.
Botox just got better
What was once used exclusively to treat erratic blinking and cross-eyes has now been found to work well with many other bodily issues. In light of these medical discoveries, it’s probable to assume that the market for Botox will indeed hit (and possibly exceed) the currently estimated $3 billion mark within the next three years!
An overactive bladder is one of the last things anyone would ever think Botox could cure, but the fact of the matter is, the release of botulin into the body actually helps relax the muscles down there. Men and women (the latter whom are affected by this condition to a much greater degree) can oust their incontinence issues finally with one, annual injection.
While there is no cure for the uncomfortable skin disease, the effects of Psoriasis are considerably when Botox is in the picture. Flaky, dry skin is an annoying nuisance that can be painful for many sufferers, so you can thank the Botulin for stopping those inflammatory cells dead in their tracks!
Physical ailments notwithstanding, Botox is even known to treat depression. Routine forehead injections can stop facial nerve signals from communicating with the brain, and it is these connections that are responsible to a point for feeling negative emotions.
Although Botox is by no means prescribed as a cure for depression, it can certainly help in reducing its severity for the millions of people who suffer from it every year.
Excessive sweating is another surprising problem Botox can treat. A few injections are generally enough to counter the effects of axillary hyperhidrosis, especially when inserted into the armpit region.