MYTH: “I’m going to look completely different, and I’m not going to be able to show facial expression!”
Wrong! Botox simply enhances your current appearance by removing unwanted wrinkles and frown lines that may be on your face. You will not lose the ability to show facial expressions, nor will you look like a different person.


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MYTH: “Botox injections put dangerous chemicals into my body that can be dangerous to my health.”
Botox injections have gone through rigorous trials, ensuring their safe use. Botox injections simply reduce the activity of certain muscles, as repeated muscle contractions in areas of the face are the cause of fine lines and wrinkles. These injections have been safely and effectively used by millions of people worldwide.

MYTH: “Botox is just for women.”
They call it “Bro-tox” for a reason! Wrinkle and fine line removal is just as effective in men as it is in women, and can help enhance male appearance. Male patients have reported Botox helping them appear less angry and younger.

MYTH: “Botox is only used for cosmetic purposes.”
There are several medical uses for Botox! Botox has been proven to help relieve pain due to migraines, reducing muscle tension, and creating less strain on the nervous system overall.


MYTH: “Botox injections are painful.”
Patients report that Botox injections are associated with mild discomfort in the form of a series of short, second-long pinches. The entire procedure typically lasts approximately 10 minutes, and is by no means extremely painful.
MYTH: “There is a long recovery period required after Botox injections.”
Actually, there is minimal to no downtime after Botox procedures. Patients have reported being able to return to their daily lives immediately after injections, with limited side effects.
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