How To Beat Dark Under-Eye Circles

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At some point, everyone gets dark circles under their eyes. When you do, act quickly to identify the problem causing your circles, and solve it. Here are the usual suspects: Fatigue Fatigue is the exhaustion of various nervous and chemical systems in the body. It isn’t only caused by a lack of sleep, either; stress and [...]

Firming Saggy Skin With Skintyte

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Skintyte is an advanced laser treatment option for sagging skin. It is available through specific high-tech laser platforms, such as JOULE. It works by stimulating and reversing the processes that cause loose skin. Why Can Skin Become Loose? The tightness in skin is causes by a protein called collagen. Collagen molecules link with each other to [...]

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Are Chemical Peels Safe For Your Skin?

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As with most cosmetic enhancements, the answer to whether chemical peels are safe for your skin is: yes, mostly. There are risks to your skin, but these risks are extremely low when you visit a trained dermatologist Chemical Peel Mechanism Strictly speaking, chemical peels do damage skin. However, they only damage the dying and aging upper [...]

7 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Hands

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Your hands are often the first place to show aging. The skin on the back of your hands is very thin and generally is quite weak. In fact, it’s actually thinner and weaker than most of your face, except the sensitive skin under your eyes. Even worse, there is little fat under the skin, meaning that [...]

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