Many doctors recommend injectables regularly. After all, it’s our job to make patients feel beautiful, and fillers create a very specific type of beauty. However, an injectable is a major cosmetic enhancement and should not be undergone solely on a whim.

Cosmetic Consultation

Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure injectables are the right choice for you:

  1. How exactly will this affect my appearance?
  2. Many patients find themselves surprised by how significantly an injectable changes their appearance. Botox can have effects similar to a facelift, as they have the ability to change your facial symmetry. The intention of these changes is to make you more conventionally attractive by reducing wrinkles and making you look younger, but depending on where you get it and how much you get, it may make for a bigger change than you were expecting.
    Ask the surgeon to explain how exactly the injectable will enhance your appearance. If you need help visualizing it, ask to see before and after photos of previous patients.

  3. What qualifications does your staff have?
  4. Injectables are different from surgery and require specialized expertise. Clinics with experienced medical staff, who have spent years performing injectables, offer the lowest risks and the highest rewards.

  5. What products do you offer?
  6. Although the basic principles of most fillers are the same, their mechanism, risks, materials, and effectiveness vary between brands.

  7. Can I reverse it?
  8. All injectables wear off over time. Muscles slowly loosen up after Botox and collagen is gradually absorbed and broken down by the body. However, if you are not used to injectables, you might also want the option to reverse the changes if you find them too extreme. Some fillers, like Juvederm, offer this option.

  9. What are the risks?
  10. Compared to surgical enhancements, injectables are very safe. That said, there are always risks with any enhancement, and you should be aware of them before committing to a procedure.

  11. Will this procedure aggravate any health problems?
  12. Botox interacts negatively with several nerve or muscle problems. Additionally, if you have ever suffered a serious allergic reaction, your allergy could be triggered by an injection. Disclose your entire medical history and ask if the procedure will be any riskier for you, particularly.

  13. What after-care is included in the price?
  14. An injectable clinic should offer you a place to rest and be monitored for a brief time after your first procedure. This is to ensure you have no allergic reaction. A good clinic should also provide you with follow-up appointments and ongoing support to make sure the enhancement goes as smoothly as possible.