Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have seen a major increase in their popularity over the course of the last couple decades, mainly due to the fact that most patients are thoroughly satisfied with the results.

SkinTyte VS Botox

Everyone wants to look healthy and youthful, so when these services arrived on the medical scene, it’s understandable that people sought them out in high numbers. Furthermore, procedures like Botox have become famous household names thanks to the many celebrities that submit to them each year.
Which Option is Right for you?
There is no disputing the fact that going to the doctor for a skin tightening and toning treatment is far quicker and easier than spending years on a rigorous moisturizing and cleansing routine; a habit many of us don’t develop until the lines have already started to appear.
It’s always important to note that these types of procedures are not meant to be “fix-all’s” so to speak, but rather supplemental treatments for stubborn wrinkles and loose skin that cannot be remedied any other way.
SkinTyte has become just as popular as Botox, and many patients combine them for optimal results. More and more doctors are offering the dual service, as instead of counteracting one another, they coincide and actually work together quite well.
Choosing which option is right for you is something that a certified professional will help you with during your initial consultation.
What are the Differences of SkinTyte and Botox?
So, what are the differences between the procedures, and what benefits does each offer?  If you’re only able to have one performed right now, which is better? The main purpose of Botox is to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and it involves the injection of a substance known as botulin.
This harmless toxin kills the nerve endings that certain skin cells use to communicate with the brain, thus resulting in unsightly wrinkles. Botox injections can be used anywhere on the body, but the face is understandably the most popular region.
SkinTyte is a skin firming procedure that relies on a series of infrared light beams; the light pulsates on the target area of the patient’s body. It is a completely non-invasive, gentle operation that can leave your skin looking much younger and healthier.
Most people complement it with either Botox (particularly to counter sagging neck skin) or similar dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation when smoothing dry or wrinkled palms. There are no risks associated with using Botox and SkinTyte at the same time, which is likely why this rising trend continues to be a favourite at dermatology salons.